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Kirk Rudy 319-N NetJet

The NetJet, Kirk-Rudy’s bestselling inkjet addressing system combines HP thermal inkjet technology with an intuitive Windows-based user interface to make printing variable text and graphics simple and fast. This machine currently has on 1.5" printhead, an additional vertical printhead can be added at an additional cost.

Ruian Dapeng DP-A4055 Rotary Die Cutting Machine

The DP-A4055 is purposefully designed and built for small batch and repeated production. Through the flat-type feeder and the positioning table, the feeding system can ensure positioning accuracy within ±0.1mm. With such incredible accuracy you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your job will turn out precisely as you wanted every time! Die Cutting, indentation, stripping, the DP-A4055 can handle it all!

Kirk Rudy 497-A Tipping System

Save time and money with Kirk-Rudy’s 497 Tipping System. Attach small plastic cards as well as product up to 8.5" x 11" quickly and accurately to a wide variety of product. The high-vacuum transport table is ready to run inline with another machine or KR feed system. Vacuum belts carry product smoothly beneath the hot melt applicator and KR 497 Servo-Feeder. Base length and width options make it easy to create an attaching system matching your requirements.

Minipack Media

MEDIA is the latest piece from the Minipack®­Torre range of semi­automatic modular angular wrapping machines. It presents a monoblock structure that distinguishes it from other proposals. The retracting tunnel ­is equipped with a speed, height and temperature adjustment system­ that is fully integrated within the welding unit. This makes the packaging machine’s structure versatile and compact.

Kirk Rudy 203 Pick & Place

The KR203C mounts onto most KR215 and KR219 label bases and even works with some Cheshire bases. Keys and many types of coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, are individually dispensed and attached onto the host using quick-setting hot melt glue. Built-in flexibility means you can replace the vacuum wheel die pads and hopper to run different sized coins or keys. A miss feed detection circuit disables the feed system on the head when the host miss feeds.

Kirk Rudy 415 Incline Bump Turn

Become more productive by running your KR inkjet system or tabber in line with your folder using the KR415 Interface Conveyor. The KR415 bridges the gap and height difference between the folder outfeed and the KR system, eliminating a secondary feed operation.

Kirk Rudy 314-6’ Conveyor

Solid sheet metal construction makes this the most rugged, dependable conveyor for production environments on the market today. Extremely versatile, the KR314 Shingle Conveyor is compatible with a wide assortment of paper handling equipment, including inkjet addressing machines, labeling and stacking equipment, offset and digital presses and finishing equipment.

Kirk Rudy 219-RSF Folding System

Add roller registration folding capabilities to your attaching and inkjet printing systems with the KR219RSF. Designed to handle a wide-variety of product, including those containing cards, magnets or product samples, the KR219RRSF helps bring automation capabilities to your operation.


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