Data Direct installs MatchMate camera technology from Insource on multiple platforms

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First, to accommodate a client request to produce an additional 10 – 12 million pieces annually, Data Direct (Mississauga, ON) has added intelligent inserting capabilities (x4) in the form of MatchMate technology from supplier Insource.

Next, a Kirk Rudy 497 servo tipping system was added with MatchMate to match the carrier and the tipped item. The identical camera solution was added to multiple different technologies providing intelligent collation, selective feeding, matching and verification.

Established in 1976, Data Direct is the largest direct-mail processing firm in Canada. Upwards of 800,000 mailing pieces (about 150 million a year) exit its 90,000-sq.-ft. facility every day.

The objective of a vision system is to improve the automated processing of unique identifiers (i.e. personalization) while ensuring the integrity of the contents, including proof of completion, said Insource President Tim Wakefield. In short, it must guarantee delivery of the highest quality output by controlling and customizing envelope contents, along with full verification and inspection.”

One of the major reasons for our success is our sophisticated level of technology, said Data Direct CEO and Founder Ebraham Sesook. MatchMate has enabled us to provide a new value-added offering with improved quality and accuracy, all at a lower cost to produce than before. Data Direct expanded the functions of its current equipment by adding MatchMate to its collecting and inserting systems. The technology is modular and flexible enough that it can be used with just about any machine.


Insource, with MatchMate cameras and controls, transformed Data Direct’s basic inserters with collector folders to fully intelligent systems to collect variable page counts, add database-controlled selective inserts (across all 24 stations), and match them to additional personalized documents. Database controlled means the lead document does not need to be defaced with inserter-control characters. The unique ID is read and the software then completes the package.

In a way, this represented mass-marketing to the individual real-time verified mailers that were 100% customized, added Sesook. MatchMate has also allowed us to move or re-purpose cameras as incoming business demands which in turn allowed us to leverage our investments. We now have the ability to read, collect variable pages, select and verify proper insertion in real-time. Pieces that fail authentication are automatically removed from production and re-queued for processing.

More information: www.insourcecorp.ca and www.datadirect.ca.

Left to right are Data Direct’s Nam Nguyen (Chairman and Founder), Ebraham Sesook (CEO and Founder) and Tim Wakefield, President of Insource Corporation, in front of their new MatchMate equipment.