The Insource Service team is trained and experienced on the installation, set-up, maintenance and repair of the solutions we deliver to our customers. We also make available Maintenance Agreements on Equipment not originally delivered to you by Insource. This service is available where we have Technicians properly experienced and trained on the equipment.

Our solutions are delivered with a Solution Specific Warranty which typically include installation, training, set-up, replacement parts and labour for maintenance over a specific period of time. At the end of the Warranty period, a preventative maintenance program is provided which is tailored to your specific needs. Generally including a PM plan and, expert, on-site service from our factory-trained technicians.

The maintenance programs are flexible and are tailored to our customers unique requirements. For example agreements have been established as Parts Only, Parts and Labour  or in cases where unique coverage is required we have included after hours or weekend PMs. We will work with you to customize your maintenance agreement to meet the specific needs of your business today and tomorrow.

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When you have In-house trained technicians we offer alternatives to meet your specific Service requirements.

A 40 Hour Block of Service is a flexible way of getting priority service from Insource along with many other benefits. This program includes 40 hours of prepaid on-site or telephone support, free travel time, billing on the hour and a 10% discount on Parts installed by Insource.

This program offers you great flexibility and access to the experts when needed or access to extra resources when you need them most and because you have the contract in place you can have us dispatch factory trained technicians with a simple call or email.

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Insource Technicians are also available to assist you on a per-call hourly basis.

Under this program a Technician will be dispatched to your site to assess the work required to repair your equipment. Upon arrival the Technician’s priority is to inspect, trouble shoot and develop the action plan to get your equipment operational as quickly as possible while also keeping you informed.

Before the action plan is executed the Technician will discuss options with you as well as an estimate of time to repair and what parts may be required. With your approval the Technician will proceed.

One hour travel and one hour service is the minimum charge for per-call service. Additional hours are billed on the hour.

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Our goal is to support the success of our customers regardless of the Service contract we have in place with you.

If you have an issue and we have knowledge of your situation we will provide casual telephone support. If the issue cannot be resolved in 10-15 Minutes we will dispatch a technician.

In situations where a technician provides telephone support after hours or for an extended period of time the appropriate hourly rate will be applied.

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Insource is a leader in the deployment of Vision System Solutions.

The competitive advantage of a vision system is like comparing travel by horse and carriage to travel by car. You will get there eventually but you may not get there on time or you will be too tired to enjoy the moment.

Your customers insist you meet deadlines and deliver jobs with 100% job integrity and accuracy. Our Vision Systems provide this capability and part of our support offering is on-line software support.

If you enable remote access to your system our technicians can monitor the operation of your system proactively, assist with set-up and also correct issues quickly when you encounter a situation that is new to you.

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Insource always includes installation, set-up and training for the solutions we offer to our customers.

There are situations where after utilizing the system for a period of time you may want to have additional and new staff trained on the operation of the solution or you may want Insource to come on site and set-up the solution for a unique customer job or you simply want Insource to handle on-going set-up for your team.

These services are available to you on a per-call basis or under a fixed price tailored to your specific needs.

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Meeting the demands of your customer is a key to success. When you encounter a critical situation your customer expects you to go the extra mile. We can support you in these situations with special service coverage such as after hours or weekend coverage which is available upon request with 3 business days notice.

Availability with less notice is dependent upon availability of appropriate resources. After hours and weekend coverage is available at 1.5 times our standard hourly rate with 2 hour minimum. On-call coverage is also available for stand-by charge per day on weekends.

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