Best Practices

Protecting your investment in equipment by performing planned preventative maintenance is critical to equipment productivity and return on investment. Your operators or in-house maintenance team should be checking all consumable parts for wear and replacement parts such as belts for proper tension and wear along with performing basic cleaning and lubrication after each production job.

Request Insource, at least two times per year, to conduct a thorough PM on each piece of equipment and replace parts professionally that show specific signs of wear. An Insource PM includes an overall inspection of the machine with documented findings to support improvements to in-house regular maintenance, a list of parts needing replacement, adjustment of settings to optimize performance as well as thorough cleaning and lubrication.

Insource Service personal are trained to perform maintenance work on all equipment purchased from Insource as well as many other products installed in your production environment.

Insource maintenance programs are flexible and are tailored to our customers unique requirements. For example agreements have been established as Parts Only, Parts and Labour or in cases where unique coverage is required we have included after hours or weekend PMs. We will work with you to customize your maintenance agreement to meet the specific needs of your business today and tomorrow.

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