W+D BB 600

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W+D BB 600
Servo Envelope Inserting System
Engineered with precision for efficiency

Do you process high volume No.10 / 6″x 9″ envelope orders for your customers? The entirely servo-driven W+D BB600 system is especially designed for standard applications with these formats and offers a high net output. The W+D BB600 can be operated stand alone, but is also an ideal partner to other format-flexible W+D Direct Marketing Solutions envelope inserting systems.
As a service bureau or a direct mail provider, you must guarantee highly responsive performance and reliability but also a high degree of flexibility when it comes to processing selective inserts. With this system, you can cope with the increasing demands of today’s markets: The W+D BB600 processes different materials and paper qualities with utmost reliability. The servo-driven envelope inserting system works with clockwork precision!


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