W+D BB 300

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Engineered reliability that will give you confidence. This enveloping inserting system from W+D Direct Marketing Solutions is a partner you can count on: While you take care of management issues and business development, the W+D BB300 handles your applications –  reliably, thoroughly and quickly. And that’s exactly what it takes to succeed in your line of business. With the W+D BB300, you can offer a special service to acquire profitable new orders and satisfied customers.
The machine is highly flexible: It can easily and quickly be set to handle all popular envelope formats and special formats such as square or creative envelopes as well as envelopes with multiple windows. So you can not only process standard projects but also very specific enveloping requests of your customers, even if that means adding CDs or product samples to your mailing. Due to this versatility, you can gain attractive margins while operating in niche markets which remain out of most standard providers  reach.

– High net output as a result of the intelligent control system (e.g. automated error handling)
– Huge format variety for envelopes and inserts
– Modular design which allows for an easy expansion and reconfiguration of the system
– Excellent user-friendliness and minimal maintenance and service costs
– Heavy duty design: guaranteed long life cycle


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