KR Phoenix- 4C

Easily integrate the KR Phoenix 4 color inkjet print system into any existing press as a digital add-on module, turning it into a cost-effective color digital press.

Utilizing one of the fastest and highest resolution inkjet print head technology, the Phoenix- 4C printer meets the increasing and rigorous demands for printing barcodes, serial numbers, dates, times, and text on coated and uncoated substrates. The Phoenix- 4C is suitable for web printing, sheet-fed, targeted marking and security printing applications. The modular design offers greater flexibility to combine the Phoenix-4C printer with different technologies, such as feeding, UV curing, camera inspection, or host PC.

Moreover, different head modules of Phoenix- 4C printer and Phoenix printer can be combined to make a more complicated printing system for different print widths and either monochrome or color printing. Phoenix- 4C printer prints clear and sharp edges at the high resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. Text as small as 4pt is perfectly legible.