Taylor Printing Partners with Insource to Seize Mailing Opportunities

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Leaders of Taylor Printing Group and Insource at Taylor's Fredericton facility

Leading New Brunswick printer brings its mail operations in-shop and is now viewed as local mailing and fulfillment leader

Leaders of Taylor Printing Group and Insource at Taylor's Fredericton facility

From left to right: Brad Shepard, TPGI Vice President Finance; Tim Wakefield, Insource President; Scott Williams, TPGI CEO; Mike Hamilton, TPGI President; Doug Ferguson, Insource National Service Manager

Survival in business requires adaption and adeptness identifying business opportunities and seizing them. The print industry has been extremely challenging as of late and print service providers are pushing harder to provide more value to their customers. New opportunities can be found in offering mailing services as direct mail marketing experiences a resurgence amid the overwhelming amount of digital advertising that is taking place.

In April of 2015 Insource Corporation installed Kirk Rudy equipment and an inserting system at Taylor Printing Group Inc. (TPGI) in Fredericton, New Brunswick helping them expand their mailing capabilities and allowing them to provide more services to their customers.

In an ever-evolving marketplace, TPGI strives to keep its finger on the pulse of the graphic communications industry by identifying opportunities where they can expand and grow. Three years ago, TPGI technology purchases to allow them to produce wide-format products in-house and increase service offerings to their customers. As a fully equipped print shop with services now including wide-format, digital and lithographic printing, mailing was clearly the next logical step for them.

Insource Corp., supporting all of Canada’s print industry from Markham, Ontario, helps printing companies realize their goals. Their business is improving your business and they take pride in creating solutions personalized to each of their customers, including TPGI. Partnerships with several manufacturers allow Insource to leverage a huge pool of expertise and specializations. Therefore, they are not limited to only one vendors solutions for their customers. With a thorough understanding of their customers goals and objectives, Insource then provides the best customized and cost-efficient solution every time.

As a strategic partner, Insource reviewed and recommended to TPGI’s CEO, Scott Williams, that they look at adding a Kirk Rudy NetJet Printer, KR535 Tabber, KR497 Servo Tipper, a swing-arm inserter with inline intelligent feeder/collector/folder, and InsourceIQ MatchMate camera system for intelligent inserting, matching multiple personalized documents and Read & Print applications. These technologies now allow TPGI to do all its mail operations in-house while securely monitoring and tracking production more efficiently.

This installation has allowed us to position ourselves as a local mail expert and service provider helping us foster and build on customer relationships both old and new, Williams added. In the past, TPGI’s staff would have done all envelope insertions by hand and variable data was limited to small, digitally printed production runs. This new equipment has reduced both the time and labour required to prepare mail. It has created new opportunities for us to produce large volumes of direct and transactional mail within New Brunswick and Eastern Canada. The responsibility for mail is now in-house, along with proof of production and improved turnaround times. Our customers benefit greatly from the enhanced processes and technology.

In only a few short months, opportunities for TPGI to expand and work with larger clients have become a reality, and annual jobs which previously took a week of committed manpower to complete have now been turned around in only a few days with all tasks performed inline using the new equipment. Letter folding, insertion, envelope sealing, addressing with camera verification and reports, can now be sent back to the customer in a one-step process.

Ongoing technical support

Members of the Taylor Printing team in front of their new equipmentThe supplier-buyer relationship does not end after the sale for Insource either. They continue to provide customer support after the equipment has been installed and operators have been fully trained. Insource provides attentive service staff and dedicated technicians at any time to help their customers be successful with their new investments.

New equipment means new capabilities for many of Insource customers and it is not only the operators that must learn what the company can now do with the equipment. Salespeople must also learn how to sell the new service in order to demonstrate to their customers the added value it provides. At TPGI’s 10th Anniversary celebration in May of 2015, Insource President Tim Wakefield and Doug Ferguson, Insource National Service Manager, were both present to help showcase TPGI’s new equipment and its capabilities.

This is the reason Taylor Printing has partnered with Insource. Their all-encompassing approach is what makes Insource the perfect strategic partner for TPGI as well as any business looking to expand its printing, mailing and packaging capabilities.

For more information on the new capabilities, contact Taylor Printing Group Inc. at scott.williams@tpgi.ca or at 1-888-268-1777. As always, contact us at Insource through our contact page or call us at 1-888-709-3344.