NAMMU meets- Graphic Communications Intern reflects

Special Insource report from NAMMU Toronto Chapter Meeting June 8

Insource was thrilled to be part of yet another Toronto chapter meeting of the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU) that was held Thursday, June 8th at the Canada Post South Central Letter Processing Plant located at 969 Eastern Avenue in Toronto. This was my first time attending so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I came with the intention of learning as much as I could. Throughout the day I had the opportunity to hear various directors and members share their updates on regular Canada Post performance as well as mailing industry news.
NAMMU is a not-for-profit association representing businesses active in the mailing industry. Electronic alternatives and substitution are going through constant changes worldwide, and post offices have been adjusting to meet these challenges. Contributing to these meetings that only occur a few times a year means helping the Canadian postal industry remain a world leader.
After enjoying refreshments and getting settled down, NAMMU Director Patrick Bartlett presented its Canada Post performance review taken from the past few months. We also had committees working with Canada Post represented by Bassett Direct, Transcontinental, and Lowe-Martin speak about implementing and improving Order Acceptance/Surcharges, Postal Code Targeting (PCT)/Data, and Product Changes/EST/Equipment. What makes NAMMU meetings different than your average seminar is the open-dialogue format. Vendors in attendance working closely with Canada Post had the power to voice their opinions regarding Canada Post’s strategies and direction – or just about any issues or updates they came across regarding the mail industry. The effectiveness of having an immediate response straight from a Canada Post director in the same room surely beats your typical email conversation.
My favourite part (aside from the breakfast) was hearing from NAMMU Chair Kristi Kanitz, who recently took part in a mailing forum with the theme “Making Informed Connections” held in Maryland, Washington. It’s always good to hear about innovative technologies being developed in the U.S. and find what value they can bring to the industry here in Canada. She touched upon various mailing ideas being tested, such as USPS creating a mobile application that creates stronger connectivity for customers. For example, imagine an app that lets you know what type of mail you’ll be receiving on any given day before it reaches your doorstep! With the beta previously set at 6,000 users, USPS has stated that around two million users are currently registered with the app – and participation is growing. This app would not only benefit customers, but would help mailing companies to track mail data and focus on trends in the market. Kanitz went on to reveal more mailing solutions, such as adding a GPS tracking system on mail, as well as an option to forward mail or change locations to better align with customer needs. Users will be able to discover exactly where their mail is in the system, and have a stronger connection with the mailing industry as well. We can’t wait to see these solutions come in to play once they’re integrated into Canada’s mailing systems.
Canada Post ended the day with a scheduled plant tour of the facility where, on average, 9 million mail pieces are processed every day. Seeing the interconnected workspaces with sophisticated machinery and time-sensitive staff was quite impressive. Every day you can find 2,000 Canadian employees receiving, transferring, processing, and shipping – all at ridiculously high speeds. Our tour guide even mentioned that actions are measured in seconds, meaning if a certain task wasn’t completed within a 10-second time period, it could potentially disrupt the entire process. I would recommend that you visit the facility yourself, to witness first-hand just how efficiency Canada Post operates.
Overall, I would say that my first NAMMU meeting was an interesting one. NAMMU meetings are a great refresher for those who want to stay up-to-date with Canada Post’s initiatives and mailing industry news. It’s also a great way for dealers and equipment providers to stay current on the newest mailing technologies. These events cater more to experienced members in the industry, although I do see benefits for novices in attending and staying informed.
The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 14, 2017 – and as always, Insource will be there, continuing our commitment to keep you up to date on the latest industry news and developments.

Written by Davidson Maiquez
Ryerson- Graphics Communications Management