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Introducing:  Jim Williams, Director of Marketing Kirk Rudy

insource-event-jim-williams-kirk-rudyJim is currently the Director of Marketing for Kirk-Rudy, Inc., a 49 year old manufacturer of high quality industrial equipment used in the mailing, printing and packaging industries. He is passionate about telling Kirk-Rudy’s story of how founder Harry Kirk, an engineer, had the goal of producing the highest quality, most productive equipment on the market.

While still in middle school, Jim had the same passion for the printed word. With the help of his father he would buy old printing equipment from print shops and colleges, repair and rebuild them, and created a print shop in his parent’s garage. By the time Jim graduated high school in 1983 he had two employees and that summer moved to a main street location and tripled production and sales volume in one month.

After 25 years of an extremely successful printing company and store front copy shop, Jim sold the operation and continued to pursue his love of the printed word by working for MAIL Magazine as the Printing Technology Editor and Sales/Marketing Director. He also became Exhibition Manager of the MAILCOM Trade Shows, co-sponsored by the magazine.

Jim will be presenting Thursday December 1st and Friday December 2nd at 10:00am.

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Introducing: Andre D’Urbano, Canadian Sales Director RISO

insource-event-andreAndre has been part of the Ink Industry with Riso for 15 years and was a Branch Manager with Konica Minolta as well as Canon for 10 years. He is aware of the challenges faced by both the Toner devices as well as and Ink based technologies.

Over his 25 years in the Industry, he has met and worked with both Commercial Printers as well as In-Plants connected with School Boards, Universities, Hospitals and Municipalities. The Print for Profit outlets are looking for a competitive edge as well as new revenue streams. Through Riso, Andre has been able to show and implement strategies that have allowed Commercial Printers to attain those objectives. The Non-Profit In-Plants he’s worked with have a different set of needs. These print outlets are looking to solidify their foothold inside of the institution they represent. Budgets are tight and yet they are being asked to do more with less. In many cases, Ink Jet is the solution that will add some much needed versatility and save money at the same time. Andre will show how that is possible.

Andre will be presenting Thursday December 1st and Saturday December 3rd at 12:00pm.

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Introducing: Alyssa Wright, Business Manager/Partner, Westlund Florida, LLC

insource-alyssa-from-westlundAlyssa is the Business Manager and a Partner of Westlund Florida, LLC, overseeing sales and business operations. Westlund has designed and manufactured more than 340 custom automatic and semi-automatic product assembly, handling, and packaging machines. They integrate indexing, conveying, pick and place, sealing, cutting, feeding and verification mechanisms into their machines, which are controlled by PLCs with HMIs. She draws from 40 years of knowledge capital to connect customers with unique automation needs to the correct equipment. She received a M.S. in International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and her previous work in education and at international non-profits give her a unique cultural and global perspective.

Alyssa will discuss Challenging The Status Quo: Automation Where There Was No Automation. As North American manufacturing markets become ever more complex, the demand for automation becomes increasingly important. Learn how custom machines are helping organizations get to market faster, improve workflow and conquer the competition.

Alyssa will be presenting Friday December 1st at 12:00pm.

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Introducing: Kristi Kranitz, General Manager, Flagship Software Ltd.

insource-event-kristi-kranitzKristi Kanitz is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU), the Canadian mailing industry association. In her day job, she is the General Manager of Flagship Software Ltd., provider of SERP-recognized Canadian mailing software as well as CASS and PAVE-certified software. Kristi has been in the mailing industry for more than 15 years and is considered an expert in Canadian mail. She is a frequent presenter on timely and relevant mailing topics at industry events including at the National Postal Forum in the US, Graphics Canada Show to name a few.

Kristi’s presentation Data and Canada Post in Review will provide a CPC review – from government directives to product simplification and specification changes – so mailers can take advantage of new postal initiatives and get the most from their postal budgets.

Kristi will be presenting Thursday December 1st at 3:30pm and Saturday December 3rd at 10:00am

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Introducing:  Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing Print Tech

insource-event-slavaportraitamazingprint-4x4x300Slava has been voted to be the top Key Note speaker at 3 printing and franchise tradeshows. He brings a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies that are targeted to a Printing Market.
Slava, a pioneer in a cloud web-to-print technology field has been an outstanding member of the printing community now for over 20 years. As the CEO of Amazing Print Tech, Slava founded the technology company in 1997 and since then helped thousands companies with order automation, sales and marketing. A frequent speaker at most major printing events, and a contributor to 5 graphics magazines, Slava has won multiple personal and company awards relating to accomplishments in graphics communications and print.

Slava will share his experience in marketing and automation and will train attendees on:
• Bases of his two books that are covering Cloud based automation and Print marketing.
• How to pick and choose what products will sell well online
• How to pick best marketing methods that will provide the highest ROI
• How to pick the products that have the best demand
• Top 10 online marketing techniques for brand and product advertisers

Introducing: Nanette Cook, Sales and Partner of Therm-o-type

insource-event-nanette-cookIn tandem, Nanette and Slava will conclude the session with her presentation “A Cut Above: The Modern Life of a Digital
Sheet.” She’ll discuss and demonstrate modern digital print-finishing opportunities. Learn how the modern digital shop allows organizations to output finished digital print faster without compromising on creativity and quality.

Slava and Nanette will be presenting Friday December 2nd at 1:30pm/2:00pm

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Introducing: Colin Johnson, Sales Director CDR Graphics
insource-event-colin-johnsonHaving a strong run with these Italy-based equipment manufacturers, Petratto and SCS, that has specialized in post-press finishing technology for over 70 years – including bookbindery and converting machines, die cutters, creasers, folders and perforators, attaching and tipping-in feeders and much more, Colin is able to share impressive hands on post press finishing experience. Colin will present Changing Over – Flexibility In Short-Run Packaging. As short-run packaging growth continues, he’ll show you how organizations are capitalizing this growth by satisfying the needs of CPG companies with a wide variety of creative and interactive options.

Colin will be presenting Friday December 2nd at 3:30pm

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Introducing: Brian Watt, Account Manager and Digital Specialist at Domtar

insource-event-brianBrian has worked in the Graphic Arts Industry since 1979. He has become a paper go-to expert working with Domtar for the last 19+ years. Montreal-based Domtar Corporation is the largest integrated producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America, and the second largest in the world based on production capacity. It designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of business, commercial printing, publication and specialty papers with recognized brands such as Cougar, Lynx Opaque Ultra, Husky Opaque Offset, First Choice, Sandpiper (premium 100% recycled unbleached), and Domtar EarthChoice Office Paper, part of a family of environmentally and socially responsible papers. Brian’s presentation is titled Improving The Bond For A Better Impression. Join him as he gives us an update on the most important factor in printing, mailing and packaging – paper. Learn what’s going on in the paper industry, trends and upcoming changes that could affect your business.

Brian will be presenting Thursday December 1st at 2:00pm

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