About Insource


Values and Vision

Insource Corp was created with this single value; the customer and their objectives must be paramount. We know and believe that if this simple philosophy is adhered to then all else would take care of it’s self. Placing the customer first is not only a convenient saying, it is the principle upon which the business was founded and the attitude which motivates our teams and daily priorities.

Our Vision is fuelled by our commitment to provide our customers with leading edge technology; supported by qualified and trained service professionals with our assurance of continual learning; we are not satisfied with status quo but rather a focus on technologies and solutions that deliver the advantages your company needs to be successful.

About Us

Welcome to Insource, we are a company dedicated to supplying and supporting leading edge technology to the Industrial paper handling, card handling and packaging/fulfillment market segments. Our novel approach to the Canadian market is one of partnership. By evaluating your current practices, processes and existing technologies we are able to develop a detailed audit and approach of how to materialize your business vision into action.

Segments of specialization include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Transactional Mail
  • Printing
  • Binderies
  • Card Manufacturers/ Processors
  • Packaging and Fulfillment
  • Horizontal and unique Applications of Intelligent Vision/Camera Systems

Our proven ability to accurately evaluate your requirements is what makes Insource unique. We are not just reselling machines, but rather we are process strategists. Our proven expertise has earned us exclusive selling rights with some of the world’s leading manufactures in our field; thus we are able to preserve our reputation by providing our customers with superior solutions and machinery.

We are a Canadian organization – with nation-wide sales and service support – from our Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver operations.

Please take the time to browse our website to learn more about the organizations we represent and partner with. Remember, a product is not a solution unless it solves a problem or creates an opportunity┬Ł. Our Service professionals are industry experienced and well trained with decades of know-how applied each day to solving issues, training operators and ensuring our customers are Raving Fans of the Insource team.

Engaging with you further today would be a great step toward building a new or expanding upon our current relationship.

To reach us feel free to contact me directly at (905) 709-3344, or click here and we will be pleased address your request immediately.

Kind Regards,
Tim Wakefield
Insource Corporation